Replica Hermès Chevauchée Ring

Replica Hermes Ring

As early as in ancient Egypt and ancient Greece, people began to identify the symbol of identity and rights on the main stone of the ring, including initials, family emblems, shrines, animal totems, portraits of the owner of the seal. Such rings are generally inlaid with jewels that are easy to sculpt, and the carving process gradually changes from the initial “incarnation” to “relief” with technological innovation.
In order to make the central pattern of the stone more prominent, Hermès deliberately preserved the rough texture formed by the sculpting stone. The outside of the main stone was mirror-polished to make the head of the horse more three-dimensional. This Replica Hermes ring is a new piece of jewelry released by Hermès in 2016. It is inspired by the ancient tradition of “seal ring” and presents Hermès’ “equestrian” elements through the Intaglio craft. The main stones are red jasper agate and onyx.
The hardness of the red jasper agate and onyx is 7 and it is most suitable as the main stone of the seal ring, which can finely reveal the details of the graciousness. The designer uses these two kinds of precious stones as the main stones to show the horse’s head shape through the ancient “incarnation” technique. You can clearly see the details of the eyes, ears, mouth, horses, and so on.
On the back of the Replica Hermes Ring, detailed sculpting is done, and the natural color of the gem is still visible from the bottom. The designer used the basic elements of the stables, the “cage”, as a hollow pattern to exactly match the pattern on the main stone.

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