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Hi, I’m Tricia, a 40-something wanderer from the United States. I use seasonal work to fund my travels which means slow traveling. Slow traveling is the best. It allows you to explore an area more thoroughly. Maybe find that favorite coffee shop or bakery or pizza place. You can hang out and get to know the locals and the customs of the area.

Hammock Relaxing in Roatan
Hammock Relaxing in Roatan

My story began in 2008 when I decided to quit my 8-to-5 desk job and go back to college. Expecting pushback from family and friends, I was pleasantly surprised to only get encouragement. Although I didn’t finish the college thing, the decision was a launching point for the rest of my life. It was at that point when I shed the corporate ladder climber attitude and began feeling happy about all of my life. Yes, I still have ups and downs but I no longer feel trapped.

The Adventure List evolved from a list my daughter and I created after we dropped my son off at college. I have always had wanderlust. Writing this list, made me really start thinking about how to make long-term traveling work.

The Kids and Me
The Kids and Me

A wonderful friend of mine helped me overcome the last of my fears about ‘leaving the nest.’ I am probably one of the few parents to leave the family home. It is a weird feeling to be the one leaving while the kids stay or are in college. Do it! It is a kick-ass kinda feeling!

And the adventures begin…I left my hometown and took off with 2 suitcases to Chicago. Many long weekend trips occurred while I was living in the Windy City.  I felt the need to go somewhere at least every 2 months. After spending 2 wonderful years in Chicago, I shed another suitcase and made my way to Alaska. Ahhh, Alaska, my top dream destination place. Try this little large gem!

Train to Denali - The Adventure List
Top Dream Destination

I am still working and traveling. Want to know how to live this lifestyle? I used to think it was impossible. It’s not. You need the desire and gumption.  You can do it. Start small or jump right it. Either way, you will not regret traveling. I hope my stories will inspire you to hit the road. Take the leap. A safety net will appear. You’ll figure it out.

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  1. love it. i travel alot and most of the times im bored when my flights a bit late or when i have to wait.
    walk lasps,yoga WOW. these can easily be done . thankyou for the additional tips. would love to know more from your side.

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