What to Pack for a 2 Month Trip

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Packing for a two-month trip can be pretty daunting especially when you are traveling with carry-on luggage only. To make it even more difficult, try taking a backpack that is the size of a typical high school bag. After purchasing an incredibly cheap ticket with Ryanair, I realized my carry-on bag could only be 7 inches deep.

What did I pack for my 2 month trip to Poland? Check out my list of essentials.



I realized after spending a month in Roatan with a backpack and a half pack full of stuff that I tend to wear the same clothes over and over so why pack an unnecessary amount of clothing. Even 3 weeks into this Poland adventure, I realize I have 2 tops that I rarely wear and could get rid of but I won’t because I like them.

Something unusual about my packing style: I have nothing that is considered typical traveler gear except 1 item.

What’s in my Pack?

  • 4 t-shirts (one is a sleep shirt)
  • 1 pajama pants (can double as pants if needed)
  • 1 sweater (or for you Brits, a jumper)
  • 1 sweatshirt
  • 1 cardigan
  • 1 pair of jeans
  • 4 pairs of socks
  • 6 underwears
  • 1 bra
  • 1 leggings
  • 1 winter coat (wearing)
  • 1 scarf
  • 1 winter hat
  • 1 pair of gloves
  • 1 sarong (for use as a towel)
  • flipflops
  • extra plastic bags, regular and ziplock (one for dirty clothes, others for who knows what)
  • bag of toiletries

What did I pack for my 2 month trip to Poland? Check out my list of essentials.


None of my clothes are considered “travel” clothes. They are all straight from my closet and would be considered impractical for traveling by some people. But I don’t care. I didn’t spend a lot of money for them and if I leave something somewhere or need to ditch clothes to make my bag smaller, I won’t feel like I’m wasting money. Do what makes you feel comfortable.


What did I pack for my 2 month trip to Poland? Check out my list of essentials.



  • Lush shampoo bar and tin
  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • ceramic tea cup
  • lotion (body and face)
  • pain killers
  • hair paste
  • contact solution
  • QTips (a must have for me)
  • lipstick
  • mascara (for that occasional moment when I feel like having eyelashes)
  • face powder
  • Green Goo lip balm
  • baby wipes
  • razor
  • deodorant
  • all stuffed into a Clinique makeup bag which works excellently for hostel stays


What did I pack for my 2 month trip to Poland? Check out my list of essentials.


Travel Bag/Purse:

We call this American Eagle bag, “The NeverEnding Bag” or “Hermione’s Bag.” It is seriously the best travel bag ever! Going on 10 years old, I have carried it everywhere from Disney World to the beach and beyond. You can cram an incredible amount of stuff into it. It features 2 straps, one short for shoulder or hand carrying and an extra long strap for crossbody carrying. Plus the straps are secured with heavy metal rings and tough stitching. I adore it and will be sad if it ever stops being functional which I don’t see happening anytime soon. Buy one if you can find it.

What did I pack for my 2 month trip to Poland? Check out my list of essentials.


Have you ever used Green Goo First Aid? Not the most attractive name but man, does it work! I started using it on my cracked and nasty feet before leaving on my trip. After one overnight application, the skin was starting to heal. Within a week, the peeled layers were completely healed. I’ve never had a lotion or cream work this quickly. 100% all natural, this product replaces 20 first aid products to help relieve symptoms from dry cracked hands and feet, insect bites, scrapes, rashes, cuts, sunburns, etc. Any of these are problems which backpackers and travelers incur.


I, also, tried their Pain Relief on my sore shoulder and back muscles after carrying my pack around all day. Almost immediate relief. Try it.

Thank you Green Goo for sending me these products to try! I’m definitely purchasing another tin of First Aid.

What did I pack for my 2 month trip to Poland? Check out my list of essentials.


Not bad for a 2-month trip. I wonder if I had a proper backpacker’s carry-on pack how much stuff I could cram into it.

What’s in your pack?

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6 responses to “What to Pack for a 2 Month Trip

  1. What a great list! You are definitely an experienced packer :). I always travel with carry on now, I love the convenience of having everything I need in one bag that I can carry on my back :).

  2. TJ

    Not being the gender that wears bra’s, I would have expected you’d want a similar amount of bra’s as you do underwear – is that not the case?