Earn Money Teaching English Overseas

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Teaching English in a non-English speaking country is an extremely popular choice among travelers for making money. Teaching can give you a relatively steady stream of income while traveling around your host country as well as the surrounding countries. There are many opportunities for teaching: private schools, public schools, language schools, individual lessons, and online.


Earn money teaching English abroad. Find out how April does it.


April, who is lucky enough to work several of these options to fund her travels, tells us about her experiences.



I’m working as an English teacher both online and offline. I’m also a part-time online writer. These jobs give me a lot of chances to travel. I belong to a company in which I can just plot my class schedule depending on my availability so it means I can teach whenever and wherever I want as long as the internet connection is strong. Plotting the schedule can even be done on a daily basis so it’s really a good part especially when I’m traveling. Also, I work as a part-time content writer. This company posts projects on our site and we can grab the assignment if we want. 🙂

Earn money teaching English abroad. Find out how April does it.

Let’s chat teaching:

1. In what country are you based?

I am based in the Philippines.


2. Are you a licensed English teacher in that country?

No. Actually, English was not my major in college. I took up Elementary Education, but I’m now planning to take a TEFL course online and get a certificate. This certificate will allow me to land a teaching job abroad during my travels.


Earn money teaching English abroad. Find out how April does it.


3. How would someone go about finding an online teaching position?

Finding an online teaching position is not really difficult. There are so many companies looking for online teachers nowadays since the number of students learning English is increasing. You just need to utilize your resources in finding one and submit an attractive but honest resume. In line with this, having the right qualifications will do wonders. If you are looking for a teaching position, I do believe having a teaching background increases the possibility to be hired. It will, at least, give you an idea on how to deliver good English lessons to your students and do your trial lessons well. Of course, people who don’t have a teaching background also have the same chances. I have many friends who are nurses by profession but decided to pursue teaching. It depends on how much effort you’re willing to give.


4.What is the hiring process?

The hiring process is pretty smooth. For both online and offline schools, most of them would require you to bring your resume directly to their office. There, you would have your initial and final interviews, and if you pass, you would be given a different schedule for your demonstration in which one of the school staff would act as your student. After that, the orientation comes next and that’s the last step.


Earn money teaching English abroad. Find out how April does it.


For home-based teaching, the first few steps are done online like filling out the form and having your initial and final interviews on the phone or on Skype depending on the company. After passing the interviews, most schools would ask you to have your demonstration directly in their office. If you pass, you will have your orientation and contract signing directly on the same day. The last step would be System Check which you have to do at home. They will ask you to do a speed test and submit the result to them. Then, they will call you on Skype and check if your internet connection at home is stable to make video calls. If you pass, then you can start plotting your schedule.


5. For your teaching offline, is it at a regular school or a language school?

It is a language school for Japanese students. For my online teaching, I work for Bibo Global Opportunity. Previously, I worked for Cebu English Global Academy and Langrich On, Inc.


Earn money teaching English abroad. Find out how April does it.


Thanks April for stopping by.

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Have any questions about teaching English? Ask away.


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