Drivers License Hassle

Posted September 3, 2015 by Tricia in Alaska, North America, United States / 0 Comments

There are times when it seems as if the world is conspiring against you. The world is telling you, “Don’t do it. It is not going to work out how you imagine it. I will stop you somehow.” Persistence, determination, and desire are the only ways to push past the obstacles. I was persistent in my determination to enjoy my desire to vacation on Kenai Peninsula. It was going to happen regardless of all the hassle I went through to achieve this vacation.

Drivers License

Before I could pick up my rental car, I had to get an Alaskan drivers license. Getting said drivers license proved to be a test of my patience.  Luckily, I had a valid out-of-state drivers license so I only had to take the written test. Only. Hahaha I should be so lucky.  Because I don’t have a car at my disposal finding a ride to take the test proved to be my first obstacle. One would think this is the easy part, right? No. I live in an extremely small town in rural Alaska. The closest place to take test is an hour’s drive away! Plus the office is only open two days a week for 4 hours a day. Try coordinating that trip within the small group of people who have cars and their schedules. Yeah, it took awhile.

Eventually, time was down to the wire as I needed this license in order to take the vacation. My current license expired on my birthday during the middle of the trip.

After driving for over 20 years, I figured how hard could the test be. I took several hours reading through the booklet. No skimming or rushing through the reading.

The gods aligned and I was finally on my way to take the test. Stories from other out-of-staters assured me that I would fail on the first attempt. Yeah, that was a confidence booster to say the least. I tried the positive attitude approach. I had to pass. Vacation was rapidly coming.

I didn’t pass. It was a sad day.

Walking out from the results room, every person in the office told me they didn’t pass the first time either. WTF Alaska? Why does this happen? Even a cop told me he had to take the test 3 times before passing. Some claim it is the question wording. Some claim the laws are different from the Lower 48. Urgh, I was annoyed.

Back to the drawing board.

Now what? 24 hour waiting period to retake. Find a new office because “local” one is closed. Find a ride. Restudy. 🙁

Drivers License

The gods aligned again. Another office found in Fairbanks (2 hours away). Ride offered by same friend. Manager offered to cover some of my work schedule on test day. Read booklet again. Re-read booklet again on ride to town.

Yes! I passed! Walking confidently with a smug smile over to the information desk, the expressionless clerk proceeds to tell me my document proving my address was insufficient and I would need to come back. Hell No! How many roadblocks were going to happen in order to get this damn drivers license? I had specifically checked my document with the previous DMV office to make sure it was OK.

I told her under no circumstance was I leaving this office without my Alaskan drivers license. I live 2 hours away and am leaving on vacation tomorrow. Work with me here, lady! What document will work? What can I have faxed?

  • paycheck stub – nope, wrong address
  • mortgage statement – nope, I rent from employer
  • cell phone bill – nope, I travel for a living, all important mail goes to one spot or is online only
  • signed rental agreement – nope, lost

We finally agreed on a letter on company letterhead signed by manager stating I live on property.

Phew! Problem solved.

Turned around to grab a number to wait for documentation and photo. Number 150. They were on 98. Damn.

I am happy to say that I’m the proud owner of an Alaskan Drivers License.