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Travel Gear - The Adventure List

Traveling with a lot of stuff annoys me. I don’t travel with much and haven’t for the last several years. If I can get away with only a carryon bag and a purse, I am a happy camper. Less fuss. Less hassle. Less fees. Seeing tourists lugging their gigantic heavy suitcases, makes me cringe. With that in mind, I want to replace or add the following items to compact or update my gear. My current travel gear wishlist:

1. A new backpack

For the last five years, I have been traveling with this backpack which started out as my college book bag. I like it because it has wheels plus shoulder straps, fits a LOT of stuff and can conform to airline carryon requirements. I am tempted to keep it but would like to try a more comfortable pack that also fits carryon restrictions.

My backpack

I’m thinking of these possible packs (click on photo to see description):
EBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender - The Adventure ListTortuga Travel Backpack - The Adventure ListEbags High Sierra AT7 - The Adventure ListTom Bihn Aeronaut 45 - The Adventure List


2. 13 inch laptop

My 15 inch 7 year old laptop has taken a beating but keeps on ticking. I am reluctant to get rid of it but the weight is enormous and it’s slow. Considering a Chromebook or another lightweight 13 inch laptop.

3. Pacsafe Travel Safe

This gadget is recommended by Kate of Adventurous Kate. I want one!

4. Large Travel Towel

A fellow guest at the last hostel I stayed at had the exact towel I want. It was extra large, made out of shamy-like material and folded really small. I have a travel towel but do not like the style. I need to find that other one online.

5. External Hard Drive

This item was suggested to me. I am fearful of losing pictures taken with my camera. What if my computer is lost or stolen? What if my camera disappears? What the heck happens to my pictures then? Loading them to an external hard drive was the suggestion provided. Or should I upload them to the cloud? If so, where?

6. Traveling Spice Kit

I don’t even know if you can travel country to country with small amounts of spices but I hate buying food items over and over for just a little bit to use in a hostel. I prefer slow traveling with longer stays which equates to some cooking in the hostel kitchen. I think a small traveling spice kit would be perfect.

Amazon spice kit - The Adventure ListMobile Foodie Survival Kit - The Adventure List

What are your thoughts on these travel items?

Have you used any of these products or have others you would suggest?

How do you store your camera photos?