Flying Around Denali

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Denali Flight - The Adventure List

One of the many activities available around the Denali National Park area are flights around Mt. McKinley or locally known as Denali. For my birthday, I treated myself to one of these Denali flight tours. My friend and I used Denali Summit Tours. Most of the flight companies offer shuttle service to and from your hotel to the air strip. The air strips are small as are the planes used for these flights.

Denali Flight - The Adventure List


Denali Flight - The Adventure List
Seasonal town by the park road called Denali or The Canyon or Glitter Gulch


I dare you to limit yourself on photo taking. It’s not possible. My friend and I passed our cameras back and forth. “Take one for me from your side.” “Get a picture of that mountain from your side.” Of course, you can’t really talk to each other because you have on these big headphones so the pilot can talk to you.

Our pilot/guide was awesome!

Denali Flight - The Adventure List

At one point in the flight, you are so high up the company requires you to use oxygen masks.

Denali Flight - The Adventure List

There are many flights you can treat yourself to: around Denali, to Kantishna, to the Arctic Circle, land on a glacier, etc. Flights are offered out of Talkeetna, Healy and Fairbanks.

The views are amazing!

Denali Flight - The Adventure List


Denali Flight - The Adventure List

Some companies offering flights:

Denali Air Flightseeing Tours

Fly Denali, Inc.

Era Flightseeing Tours (helicopters)

K2 Aviation (out of Talkeetna)


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