Bakeries are the Best: Chicago Version

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Sprinkles Cupcake ATM

I have a weakness for baked goods. I like to make them. I like to shop for them. I LOVE to eat them. Hence, my non-size 6 figure. Chicago has some of the most incredible bakeries. During my two-year stay, I had the pleasure of eating at quite a few. My favorites:

Sweet Mandy B’s

This shop was my very first bakery discovery of the city. Actually, my friend guided me there and expounded upon the shop’s greatest. She was not wrong. Not only are the baked goods fantastic, the shop is so stinking cute. All pink and cutesy like a little girl’s dream. My favorite treat is their lemon cupcake. I like to be able to really taste the lemon flavor. I don’t like those cupcakes that have just a hint of lemon. Yuck, why bother I say. Sweet Mandy B’s has the flavor profile just right. They have tons of other stuff to choose from if lemon is not your thing.

Sweet Mandy B's cupcakes - Chicago - The Adventure List

Magnolia Bakery

Three words for you. Peanut. Butter. Pie. I know this type of pie is an easy thing to make but not a lot of bakeries carry it. Oh, is their version so good and you get a big honking piece. Magnolia Bakery’s cupcakes are pretty awesome too.

Magnolia Bakery peanut butter pie - Chicago - The Adventure List

Glazed and Infused

While not technically classified a bakery, this donut shop is in a caliber all onto itself. I am a bacon donut connoisseur and their maple bacon donut is the best I’ve ever eaten. I think they carry other donuts but I’m not sure when this one is all you really need.

Glazed and Infused Maple Bacon Long John - Chicago - The Adventure List
photo credit: Go Glazed

Mystery Shop

Key Lime Pie Cupcake - Chicago - The Adventure List

When I first arrived in the city, I wandered into a bakery in an unfamiliar neighborhood. It was in March so lots of places were sporting green colored goods. They offered a key lime cupcake. I love lime flavor and thought their cupcake was perfectly tart and citrusy. The next week I went back to this neighborhood or at least where I thought I had been but wandered without any luck. So long best and only lime cupcake ever.

What are some other fabulous Chicago bakeries?

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